Friday, June 26, 2009


It was during my +2 that I first got the taste of a music genre called Pop and one of the first cassettes was 'Thriller" of Michael Jackson. Being from a small town, I had access only to the pirated stuff but the sound got me really hooked. In between, I bought "Bad". Like many of my generation, the only way to know about the latest music was courtesy, Doordarshan. The state broadcaster brought home the Grammy show. This was the way I was introduced to the likes of U2 and others.

By the time I was completing my B.A., I managed to listen to a collection cassette of Dire Straits and my musical taste got changed forever. I was slowly getting addicted to what is now called 'Classic Rock'. This is no doubt an acquired taste, but I have remained faithful to yesterday's music.

But there is no doubting the impact that MJ made on me and many others. Even those who could not make anything of the lyrics were trying hard to imitate the 'dance' moves of Jackson. That is the way history should judge MJ-not on the basis of his personal life and the controversies, but solely by the music he gave us all.

Thanks for the music, MJ.

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