Sunday, June 28, 2009


The monsoon or the lack of it has everyone in a tizzy this year.

The rising temperatures coupled with the powercuts and loadshedding-both announced and the unannounced are adding to the problem. The consequent rise in the prices of vegetables and fruits has certainly increased the bitterness in the mouth.

The television channels are taking us all over the country to show the difficulties faced by people on account of the non-occurrence of the monsoon.

The politicians who sometimes pose as leaders are calling emergency meetings in rooms having a supply of air conditioned air and are ‘reviewing’ the situation. Some politicians have taken officials to task for not performing the religious ceremonies that are necessary to please the raingods.

The officials concerned with the forecast of the weather are busy reworking their methodology and calculations.
The experts in various fields are showing their concern about the impact of the rainfall on various sectors of the economy.The economic recovery depends a lot on the rainfall.

I have certain questions in this context.

What is the definition of normal rainfall for India?

Who has got the correct definition?

Is the statistical error ±4% or ±8%?

Is the El Nino a factor or not?

When we are having the ability to send vehicles to moon and the outer space, don’t we have the technology to predict with a reasonable degree of accuracy the rainfall?

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