Sunday, June 28, 2009


The people of Andhra Pradesh have a reason to rejoice. The people of other states have reason enough to believe that they are lesser mortals to be ruled by persons other than Y.S.Rajasekhar Reddy.

The people of AP are to be provided with five litres of mineral water. The Hindu reported on 27th June that the Chief Minister announced this to prevent the spread of diseases on account of drinking contaminated water.

Ostensibly, this is a noble move, but let us looks at the economics behind this. Each mineral water plant is estimated to cost Rs.2 lakh each. When there are a large number of such plants are going to be installed throughout the state, wonder how much money will change hands.

Now, all bottled water can never be called mineral water. Even the water that is sold by leading corporations is not mineral water; it is only bottled water. Further, there have been instances even in the West that water bottles sold by some corporations were not really clean.

The same report mentions how the CM wants to take up the construction of 1128 helipads in all the mandal headquarters so that he can provide good governance to the people of the state.

Hindu mythology has the story of how a king named Bhagiratha managed to bring the river Ganga to earth in order to provide salvation to his forefathers. Looks like the people of AP will indeed attain salvation after consuming the ‘mineral’ water brought to them by their beloved CM.

History books told us how a member French royal family once asked her subjects to have cake when they complained of food shortages.

History also told us how the people reacted to the misrule of the French rulers.

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