Sunday, June 28, 2009


“......they say, because he was concerned with his place in history as old men of no great attainments frequently are”- Isaac Asimov-Prelude to Foundation
Not to be outdone by her cabinet colleagues, Kapil Sibal and Veerappa Moily who have come up with proposals for sweeping reforms as part of the '1oo Day Agenda', the Union Minister of Information and Broadcasting wants to create a nodal agency to disseminate "authoritative news" in incidents of national importance like the terrorist attack in Mumbai. She recognises the role played by the media, particularly, the 24 hours news channels in the apprehension of the involved. But, at the same time, there is a need to 'control' the flow of information, she feels.
Is this censorship in a different form?
The Congress party feels emboldened enough to talk about changes and reforms after the success in the recent elections.
In 'Powershift' Alvin Toffler talks about the power that one wields in holding and the eventual dissemination of information. Maybe, that is the reason why Mrs.Soni feels so much concerned.

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