Monday, June 29, 2009


On predictable lines, the induction of cricket greats of yesteryears into the ICC Hall of Fame has sparked off a debate in India. Only three Indians-B.S.Bedi, Sunil Gavaskar and Kapil Dev have made it to the exclusive list.From Pakistan, there are three players as well. The list is dominated by English players followed by Australia. This is not a surprise considering the game originated in the Old Blighty. Outside of the shores of England, the game was taken to Australia and then to other countries.

The non-inclusion of a large number of Indian players of the past is not a surprise. Selections such as this are highly subjective and no one should give a damn over the inclusion of X and the non-inclusion of Y. The non-inclusion does not, in any way, diminish the contributions made by a player and in the same way, if a player finds himself in the list, his contributions are not suddenly elevated.

I find it surprising to say the least that most of the debate is sparked off by Indians.I remember many an occasion in the past when there was a lot of hue and cry when an Indian great was found missing from the ‘list of greats’ published by a player or a magazine.

I wonder how many players of a foreign origin would find a place if the BCCI decides to start its own version of the Hall of Fame.The most keen followers of the game would be hard pressed to justify the inclusion of some players.

Of course, the BCCI would try to achieve a ‘proper balance’ between Indian players and foreign players.

It is ridiculous to suggest or even think of any ‘racial’ overtones when it comes to the neglect of Indians.

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