Friday, June 26, 2009


“......they say, because he was concerned with his place in history as old men of no great attainments frequently are”- Isaac Asimov-Prelude to Foundation

This statement fits correctly the vision and mission of the Union HRD Minister, Mr.Kapil Sibal.

The television channels went gaga over the purported 'racist' attacks on Indian students in Australia and wondered whether the Indian higher education system in India is indeed responsible for the 'exodus' of 'brilliant' minds.

The 'shock' of the attacks on the students gave the cue to Mr.Sibal to go forward with his mission of securing higher FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) in higher education. He wants us to believe that the higher investment limits granted to foreign entities would give a qualitative boost to higher education in India. Naomi Klein of 'Shock Doctrine' fame is surely going to be not surprised at the timing of the grandiose plans of the Minister.

Not only that, the Minister outlined his first 100 days agenda in a live conference. He is of the firm opinion that the present examination system at the 10th class is defective and it ought to be 'reformed'. Instead of marks and percentages, the children would be ranked in grades.

Further, giving a boost to his and his government's secular standing, Mr.Sibal announced a slew of proposals with regard to the Madrassa education in the country.

The 'shock' therapy that was brought into the country by the present Prime Minister in the name of reforms is only carried forward to its logical conclusion.

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